*Disclaimer: This post was rushed, unfinished, and posted anyways. Reading it will not add any value to your life, but I decided to leave it up as a reminder to not do this in the future*
This post will be inspired by Dave Ursillo’s Half-Year Review.

How can I shape my next 6 months’ worth of goals, projects, adventures through my values and guiding beliefs?

Well, what are my core values?


These have come up most often whenever I think and journal about my values for a while. It seems that no matter what I’m doing, I’d better be doing it to experience these values, or there’s no point in me doing it at all!

What are my current goals or projects?

Well, what do I want to do, then?

I want to explore the world of Meetups, and find out if there’s any groups that I’ll find a strong sense of community in.
I want to try a dating site, I think.
I want to grow as a Community Manager, and really get into that craft.
I want to start helping people out more, in any way that I can.
I want to go on more trips. I want to leave the Bay Area for a change.
I want to write kick-ass blog posts.
I want to eat cleaner, healthier foods.

But before all that, I want to address something that’s been coming up a lot in my head recently. And that’s my enjoyment of everyday, mundane activities. I want to enjoy those thoroughly in the second half of the year.