It’s dawned on me that I’ve been really concerned with the way people see me recently; I feel like this has kept me from posting in public in a long time. I used to think that I was bold in how I posted these entries, but I can see how I’ve been backing down lately. In a lot of ways I have.
Seeking inspiration to keep writing, I recently checked out a book by a creativity coach, Eric Maisel. The book was called Making Your Creative Mark, and it’s got all sorts of helpful tips on how to continue in whatever creative process you’re pursuing. I didn’t get very far into the book when I noticed that I was just reading it to put off the process of actually writing.

I continued anyways. I was hoping to find something I haven’t heard before, something profound that would really get me on track to writing and posting once more. Although it wasn’t really anything new to me, he suggested writing down all the objections and self-imposed barriers I have to continue writing. My goal here is to expose some of those barriers, just for the sake of transparency:

#1. I say that writing this blog is important to me, but I often think my life isn’t that exciting. I’m not out traveling the world or doing anything super spectacular, so what’s the point?

“There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside of the dullest exterior there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy.” – Mark Twain

This passage points to why I started this blog in the first place. Dig deeper into your life and you’ll find things that are a lot more interesting than a nice view of the Eiffel Tower. While those are nice moments that ought to be captured on camera, people are attracted to each other’s rough edges. Here are some more of mine…

#2. I say that writing is important to me, but I feel bad about promoting myself on Facebook. I don’t really want to keep being that guy who bugs people for “likes, clicks, or donations.

To this I’ll have to say that no one’s ever told me I’m that guy. I doubt anyone would say that to my face, but if they do I’ll have to keep in mind that if what I write is well-meaning for other people, it would be more selfish to keep it private than to promote them.

#3. I’d continue blogging, but no one’s reading this anyways.

Well if that’s the case then I’m really not being that promotional, which makes #2 even less valid.

#4. I say that blogging is important to me, but my website just looks so plain. I just haven’t gotten around to fixing that…

First of all, no one but me has ever told me that my blog is too plain. Yes, of course it could use quite a bit of work and that would be a good investment, but don’t stop writing just because it doesn’t look fancy.

These ideas and many other have kept me from blogging publicly for far too long. Boiled down, all of them point to me being highly concerned with what other people think of me. For some time, especially in the begining of blogging, I thought I’d gotten over this. What I’ve learned in the past year more strongly is that the best lessons in life aren’t one-off; they’re learned over the course of a life time. There are no magicical nuggets of wisdom that permanently transform your life; I don’t fully trust anyone who says otherwise. What I do trust is that you can and will grow as a person just by going through the process of life with a dedication to applying these truths.