I think I’m still in the process of finding out my answer to this question. Really, it may take several years the way things are going. Right now I think I’m just “gathering data” to find out what matters most to me and what I think is right for the world. Here are a few causes that I think are worth standing for:

Revolutionizing way we eat.
Living life without following the status quo.
Challenging racial, gender, sex, any other kinds of inequalities.
Breaking the sociocultural barriers that prevent people from interacting.
Then there’s world hunger, disease, and war…

I’m really only scratching the surface, but like I said yesterday, no one’s going to be committed to fixing every problem. Right now I’m starting simple, and I’m starting with something close to home: I’m trying to break free from my identity and idea of who I am. I think a lot of the ways I’ve characterized myself in the past haven’t been the most supportive. Although ultimately I created it, I think that it gets reinforced through interacting with other people.