For the past few months, I’ve been interning with a mentor of mine to create an online community that helps people figure out their personal finances. On the side, I’ve been doing yard work through my Dad’s gardening business to have a reliable source of income.

None of this was really planned, although leading up to my college graduation I think I saw some of it coming. I remember prior to graduating my dad would joke that my graduation present would be a new Weed Whacker.

The joke being that I probably wouldn’t become a professional in something outside of yardwork (not right away, at least).

It wasn’t really the graduation present I wanted, but working with him was definitely the gift I needed.

Like many, I grew up and graduated thinking that things would fall into place if I was a decent student. The thing is, I didn’t really have marketable skills (and for the most part I’m still working on that). I think a big reason why I’m excited about this project I’m working on is that it’ll help people who’ve found themselves in a similar situation. And even broader than that, it could help anyone that wants to have both wealth in their lives and a positive impact on the planet.

You can check it out today (free of charge) at

(This was an elevator pitch, remember?) 🙂