As I think about answering this question, I feel the urge to pull away from stuff I did in the past few years. The reason being is that I had an interesting conversation with my brother this morning, on our long drive to Los Angeles. 

As we were heading into the Grapevine, he mentioned to me how later in life most people find a way to reconnect with who they were as kids. Being my older brother and probably having a better sense of what I was like than most people, I asked him:

“What was I like I was a kid?”

“Well, what I remember most was you in your Middle School days. I just remember you doing Flash animations and being a lot more into computers than I was.”

I did make Flash Animations in Computers class. I was proud of them, too.

They weren’t particularly well-made, but I thought they were funny. I had a great time gathering my friends around my computer, and showing them my videos before our teacher could walk over.

Thinking back, I don’t think I ever felt very encouraged to be creative and make things (or I didn’t feel compelled to do it). In either case, I think this is my earliest memory making a thing that I was proud of.