I think what makes me really angry about the world is a reflection of my own behavior that I struggle with the most. That is, my inability to engage with the world and honestly connect with people around me. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings when I’m driving out to work here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I see hundreds of people on the BART Train platform on the side of the freeway. Each morning I see them staring down at their phones and iPads, and it really upsets me that no one’s talking to each other. You never know who you’re standing next to; the possible opportunities, relationships and experiences you could have with those people are endless, but you’ll never find out playing games on your phone.

And yet, when I find myself on the BART train I often keep to myself instead of talking to other people around me. I’d say that’s case about 80% of the time. I know that for myself personally, I often have a separate dialogue with myself, even if I’m with other people. If I don’t share that – if I leave thoughts & words unspoken – I know I’ll start to feel worse for it. 

Why these things matter to me more than seemingly bigger issues in the world, I don’t really know. I know that it feels wrong for me on a personal level. But even bigger than that, I feel that this isolation lies beneath most of the behavior that’s damaging to ourselves, our friends, families, and the world’s ecosystem in general!

But maybe that’s a topic for a later conversation 🙂
Also, I’m out of time for now!