Hello, my name is Rolando Peraza and I’m restarting my blog for the umpteenth time. In the past, I’ve struggled and seen other folks go on to doing cool things, and it’s reminded me of this quote in Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art:

“The awakening artist must be ruthless, not only with herself, but with others. Once you make your break, you can’t turn around for your buddy who catches his trouser leg on the barbed wire. The best thing you can do for that friend (and he’d tell you this himself, if he really is your friend) is to get over the wall and keep motating.” -Steven Pressfield

 I feel like I’ve been that friend that gets his pants caught for a long time now.

So I know that it feels good to write a blog, to push ideas out of my head and get them out into the world for a few people to read, appreciate, or quietly judge. Having given up many times before, I feel like I’ve needed to reignite and reconnect with that spark that led me to create a blog a year ago.

Besides this blog, I spend my time facilitating the Inpresence Experience (a presence/meditation training), lifting weights, taking fun classes and doing yard work. I’m also volunteering my time over at Realmoneylife.com to help educate others (although mainly myself) about personal finance.

Looking forward to sharing and reading your blog posts as well.